Training Advocates and Fiduciaries

Training Advocates and Fiduciaries

The place for all Florida Fiduciaries to learn how to effectively and safely do their job as an Advocate or Fiduciary.

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How Can We Help You?

This online training center allows you to quickly find and take training specific to Florida law.


Each state has specific statutory law that governs Guardianship. Learn how to stay in compliance with the court and reduce legal fees because of your knowledge

Powers of Attorney

Every state has laws governing Powers of Attorney. This agency relationship is not overseen by any court, but it can be the tool that causes lots of litigation. Learn how to protect your self and reduce future litigation.

Health Care Surrogates

Making medical decisions for a loved one can be stressful and a place of conflict. Know the various roles and learn how to navigate the medical systems.


Trustees have authority over property held within a trust. Many people have Revocable Living Trusts to avoid probate. Since there is no court supervision, many people go it alone and need guidance.

Legal Professionals

Paralegals and lawyers can find continuing education materials.

Osterhout & McKinney Clients

Clients of Osterhout & McKinney have a specially curated set of training materials, so they can refresh themselves or provide free training materials for their named advocates.

Meet The Team

Lance McKinney

Certified Elder Law Attorney, Instructor

heidi Brown

Certified Elder Law Attorney, Instructor