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This question is primarily a concern for the 8 or 4 hour family guardianship training. You should print or save as a PDF your certificate of completion. Once you do this, then send it to your lawyer, so they can file it with the court. We do not know what court or case you are involved in, so we can not file anything with the court for you. Your lawyer should always be your link to communicating with the court system, whether it is the Judge, Clerk of Courts or other interested parties in your case. See this FAQ for details on where to find your certificate of completion.

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You will be awarded a certificate of completion when you have completed a course in full. You can find your Certificate of Completion on your Dashboard at any time. The Dashboard is located on the top menu on each page. On your Dashboard, look on the left hand sidebar for an option titled “My Certificates”. Select this option and all of your awarded certificates will be displayed. Select any certificate and it will open full screen. This screen will allow you to print or save the certificate. The save button will download a PDF file to your computer. This PDF file can be opened, printed or emailed like any other PDF file. You should email a PDF copy of your certificate to your lawyer, so they can file proof of your course completion with the court.

Categories: Certificates, Courses

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