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Both of the guardianship courses used to satisfy the education requirements for court appointed guardians are designed for one participant. This includes the 8 Hour and 4 Hour guardianship courses. Each registered user submits their name associated with the account and that name is used to generate the certificate of completion to submit to the court. If you are co-guardians for the same Ward (person under guardianship), then one guardian should purchase the course that applies (8 or 4 hour) and then that paid user can email us to request a free voucher for the co-guardian. The request should include the Ward’s full name and county where the case is located and court case number. We will respond to the paid use by providing voucher that can be used by another to register as a separate new user for that same course at no additional charge. IMPORTANT: There is no way for two users to watch a course “together” as one registered user and get two certificates of completion. These courses use the requirements to play the video completely and testing to verify individual completion.

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