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If you have support question, look through these FAQs where you may find your answer. There is a contact us page, where you can call and email with questions. This website is administered by an active lawfirm and not Tech giants. The site has been hosted on various platforms that are generally stable. There are many things that can get in the way of a successful delivery of video and audio content. Some may be on our side, some may be on your end and lots of things in between. Here are some steps to take to help you and us determine where we need to focus our attention.

  1. Close your browser and restart it. Clearing your browser cache is always helpful.
  2. Try another browser. Chrome is always a stable option.
  3. Try another video site like youtube or vimeo to see if things work there. We host all our videos through Vimeo. If you have the same problem on one of these sites, then it is probably not us. It may be your end or somewhere else on the internet. If so, wait and try again another day.
  4. If the other video websites didn’t work, check your own audio controls. I know, overly simplistic, but we gotta start somewhere.
  5. Contact us with information like, you name, contact information and web browser that you are using, be able to describe the specific problem you are having. We can then look to see if there is a problem with our site or your account.
  6. Be aware, we are only available 9-5 Eastern and these video classes are a second priority to serving our direct clients. We do want this to work and will help your solve the issues.

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